We are Moving

March 27, 2011

Great news, moving to a new site. No more space on this one, I am going to try and upload the we are moving podcast but that will take a bit of time. The New site is here http://fbglive.podbean.com/


Aint no bugs on me

March 25, 2011

Great news, I am out of disk space on the podbean server and have maxed out the bandwidth allowed in one week, get it MAXED OUT...... This is awesome, I am so blessed by the response to this message, cant wait to take it to the next step. I am preparing to migrate to another site or service, no decision yet, no money either, flat broke. When I post again I will leave a referral link on this page, I will not loose you. I will be creating a site that will have the voice of the people in your town talking about things that matter to us, if you have some thing that you think needs to be talked about and want to get your voice heard contact me. I already have someone lined up to talk about the local music stuff, how he deals with that is up to him so I cant tell you more same goes with food, she is now preparing to talk to you, just wait and see. We are making a difference, you can see it in the rapid rise of this message.

Cant say what I talked about on this podcast, I recorded it this morning before I got out of bed. One thing I remember is, I am having a raffle, I will be giving away a knife that I have been working on made out of an old, old arrow head I pulled from the ground here in Gillespie County, I am fashioning it onto a handle that I crafted the way the native Americans did. This raffle is free, I am working out the details more when I return. Sorry about the quality of this one, I had to degrade it to fit on the podbean server.

Love ya all



Wow, Amazing, Help is coming Fredericksburg

March 21, 2011

Great news guys, the cry's from the City Counsel and Mayor have been heard. A group of people have come together to ease the communications between the people of Fredericksburg and their elected representatives. Other news, there is talk about a new paper in town. I am going to be out of pocket the rest of the week.

I have been offered a spot on a national satellite radio station broadcast all across the US on AM/FM so our message will soon be carried across the planet, get ready guys we are off to the races.



there IS a whale

March 19, 2011

This show was recorded live at fredericksburg coffee shop, diverting a bit from talking about politics the swimmingpool and what not. I will update this text as soon as I have time.



The Paper

March 18, 2011

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and your kind words, its great that you are passing this around so freely, I am truly amazed at the speed this message is spreading. There is a side of me that wishes the counters reflected the numbers that have listened but alas some time wishes don't come true.

Followup from "What are we thinking"


What are we thinking?????

March 12, 2011

I have uploaded a copy of a recent meeting I was at, I was amazed at the miscommunication that I saw. I heard many people say things that just blew me away, some good some a little off. The towns corporate officers were working on building a 5 million dollar pool instead of fixing their old one, they were also shutting down another pool due to code and regulation changes, the pool had been in use for 50 years and would still hold water. The comments I made were kept to a minimum, I may in the future go over what I thought but think it is important for one to hear this in its whole without much commentary and opinion.